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Dermalene (Squalene)

Dermalene® is a very safe material for use in topical products. It’s safe and effective and is a regular component of skin sebum. It is fully derived from a vegetable oil (Olive) by a proprietary process. It is very easily emulsified and can be used in all types of cosmetics and dermatological products.

Among the most salient characteristics of this material are the following:

Fully vegetable derived.
Can be used in a variety of products for topical application
Completely safe
Low cloud point
5- Content Purity: (%): '> 96%

Appearance: Clear, Oily Liquid
Odor: Slight
Color: Yellow
Refractive Index (20ºC.): 1.492 - 1.498
Solubility: Lipidic Systems
Specific Gravity: (20ºC.) 0.860 - 0.890 (Densimeter)
Cloud Point : '< + 5ºC.
Acid Value: < 0.5
Iodine Value: 350 - 390
Saponification No.: < 5ºC.
Content Purity: (%): '> 96%

Code No.: EKI0110
INCI: Squalene
CAS: 111-02-4
EINECS: 203-826-1

Application: Dermalene® may be used as part of the emollient system (oil phase) of all types of cosmetic emulsions (O/W, W/O, pastes, soaps, ointments, microemulsions, lipidic gels, anti-aging specialties

Use Levels: 5 - 20% according to the formulation requirements, desired performance and after feel